Coinz: Blast Those Thieving Aliens!

When aliens rob the Humanoid Races of their gold coinz and gems it's up you to travel the depths of space to get them back! In this retro-inspired space shooter you'll battle through 60 zones of fast-paced arcade action. Use bombs, and power-ups to exact your revenge and take back what rightfully belongs to the Humanoid races!

Primary Extra Credits: Take your color-mixing artistry to the next level!

Need a Creative Quick Fix? Then Primary Extra Credits is for you! A simplified spin -off of our hit game Primary, Extra Credits challenges you to mix primary colors (Red, Blue and Yellow) to create secondary colors (Green, Orange and Purple) to make matches, create power-ups and earn an artist's commission!

Primary: The Match 3 Game for the Artist in All of Us!

Remember Art School? This is better ... "Primary: The Match 3 Game for the Artist in All of Us"!

Finger Ninjas: Zombie Strike-Force.

Finger Ninjas: Zombie Strike-Force" is an action-packed game that let's you explore Feudal Japan during the world's first Zombie Apocalypse.

Bucket Dan - The Moustache Man.

Tilt your iPad or iPhone to run across the screen while jumping and sliding to catch bombs. Grab power-ups to become a super bomb catcher. Save the city from ultimate destruction and become a hero to your peers.