Adding Layers to Weylyn Island

Coming from film-industry art departments prior to working in gaming, I’ve long  appreciated the time and effort that goes into creating the props and dressings in movie locations -and even more so in game environments.

Admittedly, not everyone notices the small details -but subconsciously, I have to believe that they all add up to create a richer, more realistic environment and ultimately, a better gaming experience. On more than one occasion, I’ve found myself staring at a prop poster or computer monitor screen graphic, while playing an online FPS -only to be blasted by another player for an easy kill!


It’s these small details, graphics and props though that can be used  to add additional layers to a story -or help set a mood for a given level or environment. With this in mind, I thought I’d collect and share a few of the props and graphics from around Weylyn Island.

Like the Harborman Weekly Gazette

Harborman Gazette1

The Harborman was inspired by the the local bi-weekly that I grew up with, “The Sooke Mirror”.

The small island town is in fact, where much of the inspiration and art direction of our game world comes  from.  The Newspaper offered a great way to add to the mystery of Weylyn Island.


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