On the remote setting of Weylyn Island, 22 year old, Moira Weylyn has come back to her Grandfather’s property for the reading of his last will and testament with her few remaining family members. Once there, she discovers her family has disappeared and a sinister evil has awakened—an evil that begins with a neo-pagan cult, and ends with something far more dangerous ready to consume the world. Moira realizes her very fate lies in solving the larger mystery at the heart of Weylyn Island.


The Ritual on Weylyn Island is a first-person survival adventure set on a West Coast Island in the early 1980's.

With a heavy emphasis on “Survival” the game doesn't focus on combat mechanics -but rather evasion from a multitude or enemies, and a series of objectives and small puzzles to complete in order to progress.

Not just another “flashlight in the woods” game, the Ritual on Weylyn Island is being developed in Unity 3D and will showcase rich environments and a masterfully crafted score blended with the just the right amount of intensity and scares to create a truly immersive and memorable game.

  • Genera: First-Person Survival Horror / Adventure
  • Platforms: PC / Mac (and Linux)
  • Languages: English -w/ French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese & Russian (Subtitles)
  • Players: Single-player
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